Status of Book Publishing in Iran

Over 61,000 titles of book are published in Iran per annum. Based on figures issued by the databank of the IRI House of Book, total editions published in 2012 were about 205 million copies, with average edition of every title at 3,400.

Most titles (12,000 titles or 20pc) have been published in the realm of literature, followed by religion (10,000 titles or 17pc), social sciences (9,000 titles or 15pc), applied sciences (8,900 titles or 15 pc), natural sciences and mathematics (6,400 titles or 11pc), language (3,800 titles or 6pc), history and geography (3,100 titles or 5 pc), philosophy and psychology (2,789 titles or 5pc), art (2,300 titles or 4pc), and, finally, generalities (2,000 titles or 3pc).

In 2010, over 29,000 titles (47 percent) were published for the first time while 32,000 titles (53 percent) were republished. Moreover, 40,000 titles (81 percent) were originally authored while 12,000 titles (19 percent) were translated from foreign.

Of the total publications, about 9,000 titles (15 percent) broached children themes while 9,000 titles (15 percent) dealt with teaching aid materials. Moreover, 47,000 titles (77 percent) were published in Tehran while 14,000 titles (22 percent) were published outside the capital nationwide.