Provincial book Exhibitions

Provincial book fairs have been staged across the Islamic Republic as a major cultural event with a first such exhibition held in 1993. From the outset, Iran Cultural Fairs Institute took on the mission to stage the events across the country under the auspices of the IRI Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. Some 236 editions of such fairs have already been held in total. The events are held on an annual basis in 30 provincial centers countrywide. Register..

The book fairs offer a ground to cultural folks and fans to exchange views and share thoughts with one another. The cultural events help provide a rendezvous for both producers and consumers of cultural commodities to know about demands and expectations of one another.

By the provincial events, it has largely been sought to promote and expand the culture of book reading nationwide as a major step to upgrade the levels of knowledge among different strata in society, especially in remote areas of the country. It has also been sought to help the receiving populations to boost their cultural records, having close access to titles largely published and distributed in central cities.

The cultural shows have been helpful in creating an exuberant cultural ambience during the term of events as they helped encourage people and authorities in various organizations or bodies nationwide to join book reading activities and help enhance local libraries or cultural complexes. They have also helped provide necessary grounds for discovering and actualizing untapped talents in every corner of the country.

Having decentralized such activities, the cultural events have also offered chances to domestic publishers to enjoy face-to-face connection with their prospective audience.

As an additional major accomplishment, the provincial events have helped publishers to see their titles distributed nationwide, especially in remote areas in a balanced and appropriate way. According to latest estimates, the provincial fairs have grabbed over 17 percent of total nationwide distributions.

On average over 400 publishers are at hand in every such exhibition, putting average 40 thousand titles (over 400 thousand volumes of book) on stalls for display or sales. The titles, all available at a discount of 40 percent are largely purchased by ordinary people, students, libraries or book shops that normally find little access to major book markets that run in several metropolises across Iran.

Per annum, over 130 billion rials (nearly $10 million) worth of publications are sold through the books fairs. The large sales besides promoting the status of publishers have left positive deep cultural effects on the receiving populations.